Anal TagsAnal Tag Removal

Anal TagsAnal Tag Removal


non surgical removal of skin tags

Skin Tag Removal for Comfort & Hygiene

Easy removal of skin tags

About 1 in 2 people will experience skin tags in their lifetime and they often occur in midlife or around times of hormonal change such as pregnancy.

Anal skin tags are small areas of soft, dangly skin that form around the anus. They are generally about 2mm to 5mm and tend to appear like a stalk, but are sometimes larger or are often described as a small, fleshy grape.

Skin tags may also be called:

  • cutaneous papilloma
  • fibroepithelial polyp
  • fibroma molluscum
  • or Templeton skin tags.

The good news is that anal skin tags can be removed swiftly and easily in a simple in-rooms procedure at Geniale.


You don’t have to live with them, as these anal skin tags can be cosmetically improved by removing them with a laser procedure by our cosmetic Physician and skin surgeon.

Skin tags are uncomfortable and cause embarrassment or hygiene issues.

As with other skin tags, Anal Skin Tags are normally harmless and are not a medical issue, but they can often be

They can often be the legacy of previous haemorrhoids which have shrunk down to simple protrusions around the anal area.

Anal Skin Tags if left untreated can possibly lead to itching, irritability, and pain especially when subjected to friction or rubbing.

Don’t let these skin tags around the anal area continue to be a cause of humiliation, unsightly or a source of discomfort.

Key points:

  • Laser under local anaesthetic
  • Specialist cosmetic physician
  • 15,000 Cosmetic Procedures
  • 40 minute procedure
  • Makes personal hygiene easier
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Skin tags are generally diagnosed via a rectal exam where the doctor inserts a gloved, lubricated finger inside the rectum.

Your doctor may also examine the inside of the rectum (anoscopy) placing a small scope just inside the anus and using a lighted tube to see inside the rectum. Most people do not report discomfort.

It is important not to try and remove skin tags yourself, because dangerous growths such as skin cancer can sometimes look like skin tags, so it is especially important to ensure your skin tag is seen by a qualified doctor.

Most skin tags are harmless and do not require removal per se, however people often ask them to be removed for cosmetic reasons or to improve bedroom confidence.

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