O-ShotOrgasm Shot

O-ShotOrgasm Shot


Increased Sexual Satisfaction

Improved sexual arousal, sensitivity, and overall satisfaction by enhancing blood flow and tissue regeneration in the vaginal area

Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction

Address various forms of sexual dysfunction such as low libido, difficulty achieving orgasm (anorgasmia), and vaginal dryness

Non-Invasive and Safe

The O-Shot carries minimal risk compared to surgical interventions for sexual dysfunction, with little to no downtime and minimal discomfort

Here at Géniale, we actively support women's health and address intimate concerns like reduced sexual desire, discomfort, or urinary incontinence through effective treatment. Utilising the benefits of Growth Factors, the O-Shot offers a non-surgical solution crafted to enhance your most private areas. Join hundreds of happy patients to restore your intimacy and enjoy more sensation and desire.

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The O-shot

  • Improves sexual desire and libido
  • Intensifies orgasm and arousal
  • Increase lubrication
  • Reduces urinary incontinence
  • Tightens the vaginal canal
  • Assists with Lichen Sclerosus
  • 15 minute medical treatment for lasting results


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What is the O-Shot

Two treatments are recommended (one month apart) with this revolutionary medical procedure to enhance sexual satisfaction in women,  to increase your sexual desire, gain greater arousal from clitoral stimulation and give yourself strong and more frequent orgasms. Sounds too good to be true?

The O-Shot® is a natural injection that increase a woman’s sexual desire, arousal and ability to orgasm. The procedure entails extracting Growth Factors from a patient’s blood.

The O-Shot® stimulates tissue around the clitoris to help rejuvenate cells that are vital for sexual pleasure, providing you with stronger, more frequent orgasms.

The O-Shot® is completely natural injectable, using your body’s own nutrients to boost, rejuvenate, heal & enhance.

First, blood is taken from the arm of the patient and placed into a centrifuge. This separates growth factors by applying centrifugal force.

Next, a numbing cream is applied to the area of injection to ensure no pain is felt during the procedure.

Once numbed, the Growth Factors is injected to various points in the vagina.

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How does the O-Shot work? What do I need to know?

Here are some details of the O-Shot® procedure to help you make an informed decision.

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What can be expected after the O-Shot?

  • Minimal recovery time.
  • Down time - no sex, spa, sauna or heavy lifting for 3 days
  • Minimal discomfort (you are numbed).
  • Results can be felt within the first 3 days but generally takes 1-3 weeks.
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Benefits of the O-Shot® may include

  • Greater sexual desire and arousal
  • Stronger, more frequent orgasms
  • Increased lubrication
  • Improved texture and skin quality
  • Improved urinary control
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Pricing for O-Shot® is $1,400 for 1 Treatment or $2,300 for 2 Treatments which are Prepaid.

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Sex is vital in keeping a relationship fun & fresh. The O-Shot® is a single injection requiring no further treatment that’s helping couples rekindle a dimming fire.

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This information does not take the place of medical advice and you should speak to your doctor about any erectile dysfunction symptoms that concern you.  Remember, any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks and all results are individual. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about the O-Shot

What is the O-shot?

The O-shot is a non-surgical medical procedure that involves injecting Growth Factors into the vaginal area to enhance sexual pleasure and treat certain sexual health concerns.

How does the O-shot work?

The O-shot is believed to stimulate tissue rejuvenation and increase blood flow to the genital area, improving sexual response and sensitivity.

Is the O-shot painful?

The procedure involves local anesthesia to minimise discomfort. Patients may feel some pressure, but the pain is generally mild.

How long does the effect of the O-shot last?

Individual responses vary, but effects can last several months. Some individuals may benefit from periodic treatments for sustained results.

Who is a suitable candidate for the O-shot?

Women experiencing decreased sexual satisfaction, arousal issues, or mild urinary incontinence may consider the O-shot. Consultation with a healthcare provider is crucial for eligibility assessment.

Are there any side effects of the O-shot?

Growth Factors is generally considered safe, but like any medical procedure, it can be associated with potential side effects. Some common side effects relate more specifically to the injection itself including temporary bruising, swelling, or sensitivity at the injection site. Serious complications are rare but can occur. Expert medical advice is always recommended.

How soon can one resume normal activities after the O-shot?

Patients can usually resume normal activities shortly after the procedure. The healthcare provider will provide specific post-treatment guidelines. We generally suggest no sexual intercourse for the first 3 to 4 days to eliminate any infection in that area.

Can the O-shot improve libido?

While the primary focus is on enhancing sexual response, some individuals may experience increased libido as a result of improved overall sexual satisfaction.

How frequently should one get the O-shot for optimal results?

The frequency of O-shot treatments depends on individual needs and responses. Some women may find benefit from a single treatment, while others may choose periodic sessions for sustained effects. We recommend two sessions of the O-Shot treatment, follow by a 9 or 12 month follow up treatment to maintain the results.

Can the O-Shot treatment be combined with other treatments?

Yes, the O-Shot can be combined with other treatments in the intimate area. Enquire with us today to discuss how we can assist with Laser Rejuvenation and the O-Shot to help treat Incontinence, Vaginal Tightening or Prolapse.

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