Mum Makeover

Mum Makeover

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Every treatment at Géniale is personal and individualised. We invite you to make an appointment to meet our team to discuss your treatment options.

regain complete comfort & confidence within yourself

Our Doctors and Aesthetic Clinicians Géniale are highly trained and experienced in the latest, state of the art laser technology.

Becoming a mum is an incredibly beautiful and meaningful milestone in your life. We understand that with the joys of a growing family come changes to your body.

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Géniale offers consultation for all the procedures we perform. Come in and talk with us about how labiaplasty can help make you more comfortable and confident.

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At Géniale, we offer a range of Mum Makeover medical aesthetic treatments to heal and enhance your post-baby skin and body. Our treatments do not require surgery, anaesthetics or long recovery periods, enabling you to devote more time to your loved ones.

The Géniale team invests in a personal and individualised approach to every treatment. It is our pleasure to host you at our centre to get to know you, discuss your goals and determine the ideal treatments to achieve a brilliant outcome.

mum makeover

What is a Mum Makeover, and how can it benefit mothers?

Explore our comprehensive mum makeover treatment, tailored to address the unique concerns many mothers face post-pregnancy. Learn how our combination of laser and PRP therapies rejuvenates and enhances the vaginal area, restoring confidence and vitality for mothers.

Are mum makeovers safe and effective?

Backed by extensive research and performed by experienced professionals, our procedures offer safe and effective solutions for mothers seeking to restore their pre-pregnancy confidence and comfort. Our expert team utilises cutting-edge technology and techniques to address common concerns such as laxity and dryness, providing comprehensive rejuvenation for the vaginal area.

treatments include

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