Nita McHughInjector and Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

Nita McHughInjector and Aesthetic Nurse Specialist


Nita Mchugh RN is a gifted master injector and aesthetic nurse specialist. During her 25 year career she has treated thousands of patients. Artistic and creative in nature, Nita is very passionate about making the effort to fully understand her patient’s goals and expectations then developing a treatment plan to achieve the desired results. Whether it’s a one time procedure or a series of procedures over time, Nita’s goal is to achieve a balanced, natural looking appearance while minimising discomfort and bruising.

In recognition of her years of experience, technical skills and knowledge, Nita is in high demand as a teacher having mentored and trained other injectors, cosmetic physicians and plastic surgeons in the finer points of injecting and other non surgical cosmetic procedures.

She is a true believer in natural restoration and enhancements and approaches her work in a holistic manner. She is a certified advanced injector in dermal fillers, anti wrinkle, laser treatments, biostimulants, and PRP.

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