Teresa & CharlesShugaosha – Japanese face Slimming Realignment

Teresa & CharlesShugaosha – Japanese face Slimming Realignment

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Teresa and Charles discovered a non-invasive and natural beauty technique – Japanese face slimming realignment. This groundbreaking treatment enabled them to achieve a gentler, more youthful facial condition. It has not only helped them look younger, it also has the unique ability to generate lifting, firming and contouring their facial features.

Their passion is to share this remarkable technique with individuals eager to turn back the hands of time and experience a more youthful appearance. Teresa and Charles pursued their certifications as Trainer and Practitioner in Japan, respectively.

Clients and celebrities, alike were impressed by the results of their techniques. Their growing list of satisfied clientele serves as a testament to the effectiveness of their natural and gentle approach. Their services extended beyond Sydney, including Hong Kong, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Vancouver.

Teresa and Charles wants to help people look their best and their success is a testament that anyone can look their best and more youthful.

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